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Ukmainplug is the leading manufacturers of real and copied fake notes. And we’ve been serving our customers worldwide since 2017. We believe only in producing counterfeit to satisfy clients’ needs at a fair price. We specialize in working directly with high authorities to create sustainable partnerships. We offer both standard and express delivery around the Globe.


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Friendly Customer Support

Best friendly customer support system, available 24/7 for our customer’s queries and other related problems.


Notes are delivered on agreed time effectively to your doorstep or at the current position you desire to collect.

NB: We do not meet up at first deal, as usual, it’s like a tradition already hope you know about that.

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Our standards are set in such a way every person can use our services. We price our customers according to their status. And we also render some services for free.


Client money is refunded if we can not complete their demand. But we collect money only for services we know we can do 100% of it. And more to that we are in partnership with CryptoCurrency(BTC). So we mostly accept BTC payments and others.

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